It's finally time to get rid of fat, fatigue, and frustration forever

I know there are a million and one reasons you have for not starting a workout regimen and building healthy lifestyle habits; you're too busy. You're tired. You're frustrated because you feel like you've tried everything. You don't have the money to invest. It's those things that are affecting your self-esteem, your work habits, your relationships with friends and family. Those last 10lbs have been alluding you for far too long. It's keeping you stuck and stagnant! You're in the crazy cycle of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

what you really need is a mindset shift, so you can get CONSISTEnt, and a workout program that gets you RESULTS. period. Enter the focused and fit live bootcamp.


I started the Focused and Fit Live Bootcamp for women who need a push into the fitness pond so they can get a burst of energy, create healthy workout habits, create consistency in their lives, lose weight, and tone up in a supportive community.

When you join the live Focused and Fit live Bootcamp you'll get: 

  • 2 LIVE 45 minute workouts with me, each week, for four weeks, wherever you are

  • Nutrition guidance to help you create healthy eating habits
  • Community Support in my private Facebook group
  • A vault of exclusive workouts that you'll have private access to that include target body areas (glutes, back, arms, abs, etc.)
  • Ongoing support from me through Q&A after each workout and in the Facebook group
  • All for $125 per month (a $497 value! Per session plans also available)
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Get off the crazy cycle and into the Focused and Fit Live Bootcamp

What clients have to say

Lashawn is a great trainer! She is knowledgeable and committed to her craft. She stayed on me, even though I was so unsure of my ability to jump into working out again after having three children. Definitely recommend her services.
— Ryisha Conway, -Maryland
I am 67 years old and I am at a desk 8-10 hours a day, six days a week. Lashwn designed a program to get me in shape for a mission trip to Guatemala. We would be walking several miles each day, going from house to house, carrying tools and supplies. I have continued to be guided by Lashawn to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.
— Dale Farlow, -North Carolina

Hey, I'm Lashawn (or Shawn, or LGee, for short.)

I am a Certified Fitness Coach, former (forever) track and field athlete (Go Heels!), track and field coach, speaker, announcer, and Hall of Famer. I love the feeling of accomplishing a great sweat session (hello, endorphins!), good FLAVORFUL food, making people laugh (and cupcakes--and wine. No, I will not lie, LOL). 

After injuries and surgeries, I decided to hang up my spikes and coach student-athletes and overwhelmed women to hone in on their own "athlete greatness" so they could win championships, earn All-Conference and All-State statuses, lose weight, tone up, and regain their energy so they can confidently be their most healthy selves while they serve others. And guess what, they DID!

Nothing worth having is easy, and nothing easy is worth having, and I believe everyone can have exactly what they want, IF you are committed to work for it. If you're ready to get off the fitness and wellness crazy cycle, my bootcamps are for you. 


Are you ready?