Why Saying "No" to a Healthy Lifestyle is Killing Your Mindset

Why Saying _No_ to a Healthy Lifestyle is Killing Your Mindset.jpg

More often than I'd like to hear, I get the excuse from women entrepreneurs that they don't have time for fitness. Other times, I hear that they're just not motivated. There are even times when I hear, "I'm just plain lazy." Why do we say no to ourselves so often to the things that matter? Why is it OK to say yes to going out to Margarita night, but going to Boot Camp class on Saturday is a struggle? Why are we dead set and focused to complete a client request by a certain date, but when we are choosing if we should hire a personal trainer to help us get our fitness lifestyle in order, we have no expiration date?

There is nothing wrong with using the word 'no'. It IS a complete sentence. However, when we use it to deny ourselves the self-care that we need to function in our communities in a healthy way, we're doing more than just a disservice to our bodies. We're doing a disservice to our mind. We are doing a disservice to those we Love and take care of. Saying no to something that can change your life for the good is just like staying in bed all day and not going to work, knowing that you have bills to pay at the end of the week. You know you probably shouldn't, but you're just not disciplined enough to roll out of bed.

I've lived in a space where I've not been disciplined enough to take action. I've been the one who "just didn't want to do it today". But at the end of the day the only thing that suffered, was me. I felt guilty for not doing what I committed to do. I felt ashamed that as a fitness coach, I couldn't muster up the will or energy to do the one thing that I love doing. But there are some things that helped me along the way. Those things that helped me really helped me to have a more productive mindset, a more positive mindset, and forced me to take committed action for one simple reason-I honored myself. Fitness may not be for everyone. Not traditional fitness, anyway. There are so many opportunities for us to live healthy lifestyle's, but we tend to relegate it down to having to go to the gym, lift weights, go for a run, any of the things that we have taken and put a negative stigma towards. We know we should do these things, but because of our mindset, we just don't.

There are four types of people you have to consider when it comes to having the mindset necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, being 100% committed. These people all have very different mindsets and there are different ways to approach these mindsets. Remember, everyone is capable of living a fit lifestyle.

I want to explain these four types of mindsets to you. Decide which one is you, and which approach you're going to take in order to shift your mindset from negative to taking committed action and doing.

The "I Really Don't Care" Mindset

This person knows that they should be living a healthy lifestyle, but they don't want to do what it takes, and they don't care that it affects them negatively. This person is completely closed off. They only care about what makes them feel good in the moment. It will take way more than just talk to persuade this person to change their lifestyle for a healthy and well life. This person has to see it for themselves to believe it. There has to be a lot of visual proof shown to this person. This is the most difficult person to convince that living a healthy lifestyle is the best move for them. If this person doesn't want to change, a lot of times they will have to experience something traumatic (and usually life-threatening) in order for them to change their lifestyle.

The "I Mean, I Get What You're Saying" Mindset

This person understands the benefits of fitness and cares about wellness, but she doesn't want to do what it takes to achieve the goals that she sees for herself. This is the "lazy spirit" mindset. She doesn't care enough about it to do the work. Much like the person who doesn't want it and doesn't care this mindset, she is stuck in "show me" mode. This person has to see it to believe it. Although she knows the work and the effort is a benefit to her, she still doesn't want to fully commit because she feels it will take away from the energy she puts into her business. This person requires an accountability partner, and once they see results, it will be easier for them to continue the journey on their own. But give her an out, and she'll take it! 

The "I Want To, But..." Mindset


This person also knows that they should work out, and they may have dabbled in a few workouts from time to time, but they easily fall off the wagon. They know what it takes to live the lifestyle for them to have the body that they want. However this person allows her circumstances to run her. She is afraid of hard work. She always has a circumstance cued up and ready to go. She can tend to be a bit self-deprecating. She will lift you up, will give you all the compliments, and tell you how great you are doing. But won't take that same praise and turn it on herself. This person's mind can be easier shifted, although it will take work, and most times this woman will change her habits if she has an accountability partner with her. It will be very difficult at first for her to achieve this journey on her own. And she can easily fall back into her old, unhealthy habits.

The "I've Got This" Mindset

This woman wants it and cares enough to get educated and take action so she can do. This mindset knows what she needs to do, cares about health and wellness, and she's willing to do whatever it takes in order to have the results that she desires. This is the easiest  mindset to work with. This mindset is generally positive, generally she can do workout programs on her own, with a little help from an accountability partner. Although, they do enjoy working out individually, with a partner, or in groups. The woman with this mindset is able to enroll other people who are also willing and even those who may not care as much at first to give the healthy life a try. 

When it comes to mindset, saying no to yourself, not giving yourself the opportunity, being closed off to an opportunity that ultimately is for your good, will put you in situations that you could've avoided a long time ago. How do you change the mindset of someone who is not willing and doesn't care? Someone who is willing but doesn't care, or even someone who doesn't care but is willing?

Whenever you begin searching for excuses not to feed yourself positive thoughts towards living a fit and well life, ask yourself these questions:

"What will being fit and healthy do for my life?"

"What is my big WHY for life?"

"Who can join me in this journey so that I'm not always doing it alone?"

When you ask yourself these questions, you have no reason to give a negative answer. They should always be answered in the affirmative. Having a fit life benefits everyone. If you believe that it doesn't ask yourself another question, "What will having my business/working my 9-5 do for my life?" When you shift your mindset to focus on those things that do something good for your life, you automatically have a new outlook on other things in your life. But the more you come up with stories and excuses, the less you're willing to see things any other way than your own.

Sometimes, it is as easy as getting up and doing a workout. Sometimes, it may take a little more. But at all times, it's good to consider your well being and keep a positive mindset that is going to live on and continue to be lively and creative. 

Are you saying "no" to living a healthy lifestyle? What things are you doing to keep a healthy mind and body?