Using Mental Fitness as the Springboard to Physical Fitness

Using Mental Fitness as the Springboard to Physical Fitness.jpg

How often have you talked yourself out of a workout? Or a healthier meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Or even something as indulgent as a mani/pedi? I know I'm guilty of giving all the reasons why I can't do something. My brain and thoughts were SO out of shape, and being mentally unfit shaped my physical well-being. We always sucker ourselves out of what's best for us.

Our mindsets are literally sucking the life out of us. They keep us stuck. They send us to the doctor. They make us sick and lead us to being on medication (that can mostly mask the problems we're trying to eliminate). If we're not careful, a negative mindset can even be fatal. 

On the flipside, our mental fitness can be the springboard four our physical fitness. Shifting your mindset can mean life or death when it comes to your physical fitness. I'm from the south (Virginia is TOTALLY the south; don't let Northern VA fool you, lol). I grew up with family members who seemingly thrived off of fried this, smothered that. Cooking vegetables until they were dull and soft, becoming pretty much nutrient deficient. Bread and carbs, carbs, unhealthy fat, and more carbs. Oh, and don't forget about the extreme portions. As the years went on, more of those family members experienced heart issues, weight issues, and health issues overall. Many of those same family members eat that way to this day, mainly because they have conditioned themselves to believe that eating any other way is just not as filling or not enough food, or a lighter fare of food is just not as tasty. You can imagine the condition of their bodies if their mentality is such. 

I'm not picking on my family. I'm just stating some facts. And I know there are many families who are just like mine, who live all over the country, not just in the south. But what if I told you that it's really simple to start implementing a positive mindset in order to begin shifting so you (and your family) can live a healthy lifestyle that will keep you feeling great, having more energy to do the things you love, and finally losing weight healthily and keeping it off? Try these three simple steps. Now, they may seem difficult to implement, but once you have them down consistently, you're on your way. 


When you get things out of your head and onto paper, you see it in living color. When you see it in living color, your brain doesn't know the difference between it being real or not (until you give it life or sentence it to death). Get your thoughts out of your head and on paper. Make it real, even if it seems outlandish. It matters because it's real to you. Start writing out a healthier meal plan for the week. Now that you've written it down, you've basically created your grocery list. You've essentially taken the guess work out of what to eat by creating a healthy list of things to buy over going to those isles that are filled with processed food. The key here is once you've written it down, you get to create consistency by committing to getting what you've written down. If you want health badly enough, you'll stick to your healthy list.


Yes, affirmations work. Thoughts become things. We are more likely to manifest those things we spend most of our time thinking about. Got empty pockets? If you keep complaining about not having money, you're more likely to find yourself in situations that keep you broke. When you begin speaking what you desire, you begin to attract it. If you speak that you want a smaller waist and why you want it, you'll do the things that result in having a smaller waist (which include having a healthy eating lifestyle and proper workout program). Recite what you want to happen in your day, week, and month, write it down, and then recite those daily tasks that need to happen in order to make it a part of your day. Speak it into existence, sis! You KNOW you know the drill.


I know this seems easier said than done. But it all comes down to your WHY. If your why isn't important enough to you, then you'll skim over your goals and never get to really living. I have a tendency to say I want something and then I will find myself in comparison mode, or I will give myself an out by giving excuses why I can't. But here's the truth; I CAN. YOU CAN. If you want to live a life that is full, rewarding, energetic, lively, and works for YOU, you have to live it by DOING what you say you're going to do. Committing to a small thing each day for a week is a great first start. Just don't keep giving yourself kudos for doing that small thing for months and months. There must be progression. Guess who gets to implement that discipline in order to progress? Yep, you guess right. YOU. Baby steps are still in style, and results are born out of discipline and consistency, so KEEP GOING. Shifting your mindset to think positively about actually being able to attain your goals is the best thing you can do for yourself. Use it as a springboard towards your fitness goals, and you and others will begin to see the change. 

What are some ways that you keep yourself mentally sharp so you can keep yourself physically sharp?