On-The-Go Mini Workouts For Travelers - GET RESULTS!

Effective Workouts for Travelers

I tend to travel a lot and stay busy. Whether it's to visit family, friends, or to train someone in a different area. Whenever I stay over, I always wonder how I'm going to stick to my workout program while I'm on the go. If you have to ask yourself this question, continue to read, because I'm going to give you some quick tips on how to stay consistent with your workouts while you're on the road. 

First, if you're making fitness a burden while you're jet setting or on a road trip, stop right now. Fitness is always a part of your schedule, just as much as brushing your teeth is. Look at it as a part of your day's routine. When you start to think about it in this way, you will create habits that will stick, and you will wonder how you ever thought you never had time for a workout before. 

Second, if you're trying to do the exact same workout you'd do if you were back at home, this is a no-no, too. You may or may not have the proper equipment available to you when you travel. If you don't, you now have an excuse to not complete your workout. BUT, if you modify what you do while you're away, you're almost certain to maintain the strength that you had before you went wheels up. Mini workouts are a great way to get in a great effective workout and still get in a sweat session without the guilt of feeling like you're skipping out on your workout plan. *make sure you download my list of workouts for travelers!*

Third, if you're not planning, you're procrastinating, if you're procrastinating, you're not progressing, so PLAN so you can PROGRESS. This is one of my favorite personal quotes. You must plan to workout while you're out of town. This puts you in accountability mode and increases positive mindset shifting. If you don't plan and prep for it, it won't happen, flat out. Pack appropriate workout clothes. A little tip: if you're working out in your room, skip the top and just pack your high-impact sports bra, or if you forget your leggings or other bottoms, there's nothing wrong with working out in the comfort of your own room in your own underwear! This keeps your bag weight to a minimum, too.

I created a set of 4 workouts do to while you're traveling all over the place. Each workout comes with a link to a video that demonstrates each exercise, if you need it. You won't need any equipment, you can do these workouts in 25 minutes or less, and you WILL break a sweat. You know the rules, too. Make sure you properly warm up and cool down. 

Let me know, how often do you travel and do you pack workout clothing and actually workout while you're on the road?