How to Sabotage-Proof Your Holiday Season

How to Sabotage-Proof Your Holiday Season

It's that time of year when all the yummiest recipes from you childhood make their big debut. You candied yams, the homemade rolls, the macaroni and cheese, and ALL the desserts. But now, you've been complaining about how your clothes don't fit, how you're always tired. Well, before you think about considering Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, or any other special occasion dinner a "cheat meal", let me help you sabotage-proof your Thanksgiving and holiday season. 

This time of year is the time to reflect on the year, those who have come and go, the pounds that have come and gone, the gains you've made, and all those people and things who matter most to you. I love gathering with family and friends to celebrate. But sometimes, I can get caught up in too much celebrating (cue the drinks, desserts, and abundance of food and leftovers.). So, I have 5 tips to help you remember that while in reflection, you remember what matters most; your health, your family, and being the best person you can be to yourself and others. 


Eating breakfast so you can rev up your metabolism is the best thing you can do for yourself everyday, and especially on a big day like Thanksgiving. Eat early, just like you would if it were a normal day, and not just a celebration. You'll need energy to get to lunch and dinner. 


Are you reserving your appetite for dinner later on in the day? Well, first of all, you're slowing down your metabolism. So you will actually end up stuffing yourself sooner than you may want to. This is the ultimate sabotage. By still eating all of your allotted meals for the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, it'll make that Thanksgiving or special occasion dinner that much more yummy. Boom, sabotage-PROOF.


Whether you're at home or traveling for the holidays (especially if you're traveling during the holidays), make sure to pack some workout clothes so you can prioritize a workout into your day. Even if it is 15 minutes each day you're gone, there is more than enough time in the day for you to break a sweat and burn some calories. Just commit to doing it. If it will help, do it first thing in the morning before you get going for the day. 

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Yes, all of mom and grandma's signature dishes will be on display. But if you're looking to not take an extra 5 back home with you, another sabotage-proofyou can offer to bring a dish and make a cleaner version of it. Substitute white sugar for agave, raw sugar, or coconut sugar. Protect your waistline at any cost by trading out higher fat and calorie ingredients for healthier options. You will still have an awesome meal on your hands.


It's all about mindset, folks. Your mind can't differentiate a large plate from a smaller plate. It just sees food. So get a smaller plate and eat from that. And DON'T pile the food a mile high. Then you can go back for seconds if you really feel the need. Nine times out of ten, though, even if you do go back, you won't fill your plate as much. I do believe in eating what you want, but eating it all in moderation. Mindfulness is key.


Isn't it the most uncomfortable feeling to eat and eat and eat until you have to unbutton and unzip your pants just to sit down comfortably?! You literally feel yourself going into a food coma, and yet, you keep eating. This is another mindfulness tip. Know when to stop. Know when to come back later. Use discernment to avoid gluttony. I promise you'll feel so much better. And I guarantee you'll maintain the waistline you've been working on. 

Special occasions are always a great time to come together in the name of celebrating with family and good food. But it's always good to remember your own mission while you're celebrating. Keeping track of your goals is important any time of the year, if you want to achieve results along your fitness journey. 

What are you doing this season to sabotage-proof the holidays?