How I Learned to Seize the Day and Live My Best Life

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It’s the theme song to everyone’s life right now. Lil’ Duval was definitely on to something when he decided to proclaim that he was “livin’ his best life” and he was NOT “goin’ back and forth with you”. I’m here for it, personally. And maybe it’s because in my past, I DID go back and forth with people. In an effort to be right about whatever it was I was arguing, I wanted to be right. Maybe it was because I was trying to have my voice heard. You should never feel like you’re not heard in your romantic relationships, or any relationships with people who care about you. You should feel free enough and the space should be open enough for everyone to have their say, be respected, and still feel loved. Anyway, I digress.

This theme is especially powerful to me because I’ve realized that whenever I felt like I was on Cloud 9, it was because I did what was true to me. I did the work I needed to do (JOYFULLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY) so that I could get the results I desired. And that’s all there really is to it. Most every big achievement I have can be dissected to show why and when I got focused and disciplined, and ultimately got the win. Even in the small wins, I can remember what it felt like to get really clear, put my head down, and flat out do the work. And when I didn’t get the win, I got the lesson, and it set me up to be able to come back to that goal with more clarity and fire to achieve.

When I actually sat back and looked at why I was having such amazing things happen in my life, it came down to these things; discipline, surrender, trust, faith, and focus. When I was really taking hold of my day and seizing it, I was actually LETTING GO. Letting go of control; of others, of things, of situations, of circumstances. Because at the end of the day, we are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens for us. Notice I said HAPPENS FOR US. The things you may initially believe are happening to you are actually happening for you. Things you may deem as “bad” or “hard”, may be just that, but it was “bad” or “hard” in order for you to gain a certain about of strength and resilience. My biggest trials have all given me an additional layer of strength and resilience that I didn’t have before.

So what the heck did I do to seize my day and live my best life? I created a system! I call it my Carpe D.I.E.M. Method. In this method, I DECIDED that I was finally going to commit to my goals. BUT, only the ones that mattered. Sure, you can choose to not go to any fast food restaurants for an amount of time, but what happens when you’re starving and all you’re passing are fast food restaurants? Will you give in? What’s your WHY for keeping your butt away from those fast food chains? That’s why I created this system for myself, and it’s how I’ve been able to stick to the goals that mattered most to me, and WHY I have been able to. Deciding to commit is actually the hard part, because there are so many outs we can give ourselves to not commit.

Once you’ve committed, you’ve got to be able to see your goals for what they are. It’s time to IDEATE them. This means to imagine or conceive your goals. To form ideas about them. I say this is the part you get to dream big about them. Dream out of the box with your goals. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. Dream it anyway. God is ready to give you more than you can even think or imagine anyway, so why not dream big?

Next, you get to EXECUTE your plan. This is where you figure out the how. What’s your time management look like for your goals? How are you gonna break it down (because you know you can’t take one big bite and “voila, goal made”). This is mixing all of your ingredients together to make the perfectly moist, perfectly dense cake with all the fixins’. If you get to this part, you know that you’re really serious about making things happen. After ideating and dreaming big, you’ve got some substance to work with. This is where I was surrendering and sacrificing the most. It’s not the glamorous stage, but it will turn out to be the most rewarding stage - even over the actual win, in a lot of cases.

Finally, you will learn how to MAINTAIN your newfound lifestyle well by using your plan. It’s just like creating your morning or nighttime routine. This part may seem monotonous, but it’s where you get to practice, practice, practice. You’ll gain patience, you’ll learn the true meaning of delay gratification, self-control, and presence. This is where you’ll finally realize your new lifestyle is working. And it’s working especially for YOU because you created your plan from what matters to YOU. Not me, not your sister, cousin, or mother. You don’t have to have a lot of mouths to hear lip service from. You’re not looking for the approval of others. This is where you will find true peace.

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This will only work if you do. You’ve got to set your goals based on what you want for YOUR life. If you try to set them based around what someone else wants for you or thinks what you should do is anything outside of the morals of your life or God’s blueprint for your life, you’re going to be disappointed every time. Let me know if you’re seizing your day today!