How a Quiz Can Help You Boost Your Business and Fitness Life

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Being able to "balance" a productive, thriving business and a healthy and consistent fit lifestyle isn't as hard as we make it. But sometimes, we don't even realize that we are getting in our own way because of the thoughts we think and the words we say. So, how do we boost productivity in our business and fitness lifestyle when we are in our own way?

Recently, I had to take a step back from both my business and my workouts because I had major surgery and I had a big move to make (like, I literally had to move from one residence to another). Let's just say all the transitions happened in Q1 for me! My fibroid removal surgery caused me to take a step back so I could heal properly and heal well (I had complications after the surgery that kept me in the hospital an extra week; then I had to move a week later). I was restricted from working out for at least 6 weeks. During this time, I decided to also take a hiatus from my brand and social media because I was feeling lost as to where I wanted to take it all. I didn't want to feel like I had to figure things out while I was healing and in the middle of moving and so much transition. While I was away, I was able to, not only heal well (I've been cleared to workout again!), I was able to get so much clarity on how I envisioned my brand and how I wanted to impact more women.

And then I was introduced to Interact *insert all the hearts*. 

How Building a Quiz Helped Me Bounce Back

With all this newfound clarity, I needed to make sure that I was serving my audience food that would be valuable for them. I also wanted to make sure that my tribe was my TRUE tribe. Interact helped me see that I could break up my audience and serve them the way they needed to be served with the help of implementing quizzes. This quiz builder, by far, is the easiest to implement for ultimate lead generation.

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See, the mindset can be a beautiful bunch of chaos, or a dark hole, if you allow it to be. You can make up whatever stories you want! If you're subconsciously thinking of all the negatives of your day or a situation, that can bleed into your business life, and it will most certainly bleed into your personal life, which includes your fitness and wellness.

What if you could get to the root of why you think the way you think so that you can shift and remain focused on your WHY more often and hit your fitness and business goals in one fell swoop? It all comes down to having a positive or negative mindset. Quizzes can ACTUALLY help you sort out these things! You may not even realize that you think so negatively so often. Or, you may not realize how positive you really are, and how you can use that to your complete advantage and become a beast in the workout arena and behind your laptop. 

I love that Interact made it easy for me to be able to create a quiz and customize it the way I wanted to, and I didn't feel like set up had me lost in translation. I could share it and get feedback so I could talk with my audience and share exactly what they need so they can become the women they truly want to become, mentally and physically. Most exciting for me is that I'm getting true leads from women who actually want the information that I have to share.

How Taking or Building a Quiz Can Help You Bounce Back

Taking quizzes can actually be good for the soul. You get to tap into parts of your thought process that you may not have tapped into before. If you ask yourself some of the same questions most of the time, you may get stuck trying to attempt the same things that haven't been getting you results. Taking a quiz allows you to open yourself up to answering questions in new ways that get your brain ticking. Check out my quiz and see how I'm able to begin mindset shifting in a way that actually helps. 

See my quiz here

If you're an entrepreneur who's in the midst of looking for or building your audience, creating a quiz to share will boost your confidence levels, get you amazing leads, and have you creating rockstar content that serves your audience well. The best part about using Interact to build my quiz was it made it easy for me to work backwards from my goal to creating questions for ultimate clarity. Meaning, I was able to see what it was I wanted to deliver and build my quiz and content in reverse from results to questions and get super specific, so I could add even more value to the content I shared going forth.

Build your own Interact Quiz here

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Let me know what you think of Interact! Have you ever thought about creating a quiz for your audience?