Eating More Consistent for Faster Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, you've got to eat LESS. That's how your waist shrinks. 


Too often, we sit pining over all the food we can't eat because we want and/or need to lose weight. Truth is, we're spending time thinking about all the wrong things. Instead of thinking about what you can't eat, the key should be to focus on what you CAN do, and do that more often. If you want the simple answer to this weight loss/muscle gain quandary, here it is; boost your metabolism. The way to boost your metabolism? Eat MORE (and, of course, lifting heavier weights during your workouts). Eating more of the right foods is what's going to boost your metabolism. Then, you'll start to burn fat, even when you're done and at rest, and you can gain muscle the way you want to (this doesn't mean "bulking up". This simply means toning and leaning out). Here are my top 10 ways to eating more consistently for faster fat burning and muscle toning. 

  1. Plan ahead. When you're working on auto-pilot, we all tend to forget to eat. I know it seems obvious, but how many times have you been so into something, or have been driving or tending to one of your many things and then realized it's been hours since you last ate? Planning your meals ahead creates space in your day where you don't have to think about "what am I going to eat". Just pull your favorite meal from the fridge and dig in!
  2. Eat every 2-3 hours. Sounds easy enough, but to piggyback off reason #1, if you're doing #allthethings, you will more than likely give yourself an "I'm not really that hungry anyway" pass. Eating this often ensures that you're always working on speeding up your metabolism and giving your muscles the energy they need to perform.
  3. Eat proteins first. While you're doing all that eating, make sure you're eating foods that FUEL you. Not just a snack bag of chips or a few veggies here and there. Protein is food that helps to fuel you and build muscle once you've had a hard workout breaking them down. Animal or plant based, choose what works best FOR YOU. But eat these first, and then fill out your meal with #4.
  4. Eat raw foods. Along with that protein you're eating on, combining it with raw foods that contain a lot of fiber is another way to boost your metabolism, aid in fat loss and help promote muscle gain so you have something to tone up, because you're eating fibrous foods that help get out all of that stuff in your body you don't need that's taking up space! 
  5. Avoid (as much as possible) sugar. Especially the processed stuff. Listen, we are all human, so let's not play ourselves into thinking we eat absolutely no sugar. Natural sugars are present in all fruits, and even some whole foods. The great thing about natural sugars is that they will process and digest in your body easier, but let's be clear; too much of anything (especially sugar) is going to be bad for you. If you must eat it, get it from natural, whole, and plant derived sources. 
  6. Reduce meal sizes. When you eat a meal and you end up being super tired afterwards, that is a sign that your meal has too many heavy, processed ingredients, or you flat out ate too much. When you eat two or three huge meals (and some people eat one or two), your body has to slow down and process all of that. This then, slows down your metabolism, and promotes fat storage. Reducing meal size gives you the chance to eat more throughout the day, your body time enough to digest meals properly, and (this is a bonus) if you're eating out, it's a chance to save some money because you can eat half of your meal there and half the next day for lunch. Win-win. 
  7. Drink your water. Did you know water is an appetite suppressant and the key to the irrigation system of your body? When you think you may be hungry, first, go drink a glass of water. If you find that after about 20-30 minutes you're not hungry anymore, it was more than likely that you were just thirsty, and you are saving yourself from dehydration, too. When you drink water, you're also flushing harmful toxins from your body and promoting your organs to function the way they were meant to function. 
  8. Eat (good) fats. Yes, there are such a thing. They are called unsaturated fats. Eating good fats helps to absorb certain nutrients and antioxidants, and promotes healthy heart, nerve and brain function. When your body is absorbing what it needs to absorb from the food you eat, your body performs exercises and completes workouts with ease. You will literally feel the pounds falling off and your muscle toning much easier. 
  9. Increase exercise. This seems like a no-brainer. But honestly, who really has the first mind to increase their exercise first? When you do choose to exercise more, you will begin to feel hungrier more often. This is because your metabolism has been boosted. Lifting heavier, and doing workouts that are more intense will encourage more consistent eating, which will promote weight loss and muscle toning. What better time to eat more than when you choose to increase exercise?
  10. Be consistent. Yep another no-brainer. We all fall off the wagon, because, well, life. But if you want to see results in anything, ESPECIALLY weight loss and muscle toning, you've got to be consistent with your eating. Be consistent in items 1-9, and you'll  be on the fast track to getting results.

What are some ways you have been learning to eat more to lose more?