Before You Eat That, Read This....

Too often, we give ourselves an "out", or some excuse for eating, doing, or saying something we should probably think twice about. And then, hindsight is 20/20. 

We learn or know better, yet rarely do we actually DO better (myself included). For example, I could give you a great story to why I didn't get to do something I really had committed myself to doing, but I knew better then to go and get sidetracked, allowing the distraction to be more important than my commitment. What I could learn from that circumstance is that, it's not only about DOING better, but it's about a BEING better. I had a chance to BE another way so I could have another ending to the above scenario, and have it be in excellence. Rather, I chose to allow the distraction to hinder me. Do you know this is the same thing we do when it comes to our eating habits? 

How many times have you told yourself you'd start over on your diet on Monday? How many times have you said, "I'll just have a little piece of _____." and it ended up being way more than you thought it'd be? How often do you have the chance to choose better, and you don't? I have three reasons why you cop out on your commitments to your eating habits, and what you can do to start saying yes to a healthy eating lifestyle.

  1. You have no discipline. If you don't have discipline enough to stop hitting the snooze button 15 times, you won't have enough discipline to stay away from things like heavy, fried foods. Building discipline 100% starts with your mindset. When you have a big important reason for using food to fuel your fitness journey rather than falter your fitness journey, you will become more disciplined to stick with your plan. The key: planning your meals out. When you already know, you can train yourself to focus on what you have versus what you don't. 
  2. You have FOMO on food. Yep, you have a fear of missing out on food. Maybe it's because you love going to weddings and seeing what kind of food they serve. Maybe you don't want to miss that family get together and all the soul food that will be in abundance (*sidenote* no shade to granny, but there are some great ways to cook soul food in a way that is more healthy than what she made for you). The key: eat something before you go. If you fill yourself up on food that you know is good for you and not laden with butter, and cheese, and all those things you're trying to moderate in your lifestyle. 
  3. You tie your excuses to some neurological excuse. So if you don't have your customary buffalo wings and fries with extra dressing, you will get cranky/a headache/you just won't function well. Here's the real tea and honey; creating stories so that you can have what you want will only keep you overweight and unfulfilled. Food should not have that much of a stronghold on you that you begin to crave it and have reactions to not having it. The key: if you change your mindset, you'll change your life. Period. 

These may be some extreme reasons for allowing food to be more important than your WHY or your commitments, but they are true, and I've had people share these types of reasons for why they were struggling with shifting their eating habits. So before you eat that fried chicken dinner that your mom made, before you decide to eat fast food because you're "just so tired", think about why you've given in to another distraction and pushing yourself farther away from your goals. Once you get your mind anchored to embracing that you can have a successful fitness journey that includes a healthy lifestyle, you will begin to make some amazing changes in your life that you'll find you've wanted to make them all along. 

What are some excuses you give yourself for permission to get distracted from your fitness goals?