3 Ways to Consistently Workout 3-5 Times a Week

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Let's be honest. We've all fallen off the wagon. I've fallen off, just like you before. Sometimes, lack of time, travel, crummy eating habits that get us off whack with our energy can all be excuses that we give to nix a workout for the day. 

You KNOW you should workout consistently to get the results that you want. You know you should be eating something WAAAY healthier than that fried chicken dinner. You know all the benefits of regular exercise, but when life gets in the way, fitness seems to always be the first thing to go down the drain. But life gets in the way. It's okay. Don't go beating yourself up, or worse, cut working out from your life completely. It happens. 

I've got three great ways to KEEP you working out consistently, at least 3-5 times a week, providing the framework to give you great results of health, strength, energy, and mental toughness. Because, although life brings circumstances, a lifestyle incorporating a regular fitness regimen IS possible if you're willing to commit and sacrifice some time and energy for yourself. Read on for my strategies...

  1. Schedule it like any other appointment you have. Working out should be as important as your annual visit to your primary care physician or your bi-annual visit to the dentist. You set those appointments at least a year in advance. I know I do. So why not treat your workouts the same way? Yes, this may seem scary and even outlandish, but come up with a time that COULD POSSIBLY work for you, even if it's a stretch. When you open yourself up to possibility, you're giving yourself more chances to win. Once you've chosen those possible times, narrow it down to the time that you're willing to commit up to 40 minutes of activity and schedule it. Put it in your calendar on your phone. Make a note of it and COMMIT to it. Start off with 3 days a week, then increase your days. This way, you give yourself the opportunity to create a new habit and it's not so overwhelming.
  2. Take baby steps in the beginning. Don't try to "go hard or go home" in the beginning. This is where many of us seem to falter. You want to commit, but then you burn yourself out trying to do all the exercises possible in one day. That's not realistic, and you can get hurt trying to become Mr. or Ms. Olympia in one month. When you start off with 4-5 exercises in your routine each day, you can build a weekly format that targets your whole body in 3-5 days versus working out one or two days and then being too sore to do anything else. It didn't take a short amount of time to gain weight, what makes you think that it's going to take a short amount of time to lose it. EVERYTHING worth having is worth working hard for. Great things take time, so enjoy the journey with each baby step. It's okay to grow slow. 
  3. Have a shorter workout session. This strategy is my FAVORITE! Studies have shown that exerting yourself over a shorter period of time leads to increased strength and and longer periods of calorie burning. HIIT workouts are the key! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type of workout where you perform exercises, giving 100% effort over a short amount of time, followed by short recovery period between sets. This has been my complete go-to since I recovered from my Achilles surgery because I had lymphatic (fluid drainage) issues in my leg and needed a way to workout without my leg giving out. Shortening my workouts has given me the benefit of spending more time on my business and helping others, which is my ultimate goal. One way to track my progress during these shorter workouts is by using a fitness tracker. My Fitbit (now broken, *sad face*) ensured that I was burning adequate calories during my newfound shorter workouts and keeping my heart rate up, that I was moving sufficiently each day, and even let me know if I was getting adequate restful sleep. Reviews.com tested over 80 fitness trackers and came up with their top three choices. If you're having trouble choosing the right fitness tracker for you, read this article to help you choose your perfect fitness tracker.

Implementing these strategies will ensure that you set yourself up for success to consistently workout at least 3-5 times a week, which, over time, will give you the amazing results you're looking for. Winter, summer, spring, or fall, you'll be #yearroundfine if you keep those workouts consistent. Joining my email list will give you weekly tips to implement to becoming the best version of yourself. Start now, and stay fit for a lifetime.