5 Reasons Why Your Mindset is Keeping You From Your Fitness Breakthrough

Comfort is a beautiful place. You're content, You're not rocking the boat or ruffling any feathers, things are going just right for you. It's stable. If everyone was in a place of comfort, we wouldn't have to really worry or think about anything. Before I got laid off from my job in December 2016, I was comfortable. I had been there for over 2 1/2 years. I didn't hate it. I didn't even dislike it. I actually liked my job. It was a small office as far as employees - with anywhere from 2-8 people being there at any given time. I got paid weekly. I was comfortable. It felt good. But something was missing. I wasn't growing. Sure, I'd learned a lot while I was there (working in Real Estate Development was very new to me). It was what I needed to learn to get the job done. And I thin I did my job well. However, there was a ceiling. If I'd not gotten laid off, 5 years from now, I'd be doing the exact same thing that I was doing up to that point. Don't get me wrong, plenty of people have a job where they do the same thing everyday, and they love it, but I sometimes wonder what it would look like if those people who were in a job they they were only content with really bursted out and did that "thing" that truly makes them beam, and makes their heart smile?

My story doesn't end with "taking the leap" into entrepreneurship. I'd like to think God knew my abilities and decided to throw me in the deep end with no floaties, and assuring me He'd be with me the whole way through. As I write this post, I'm working a couple of part-time jobs to still bring in income, and creating content and marketing myself everyday to make It's Shawn Fitness and Wellness my full time career, but it's SCARY. If I allow myself to stay in that scary, negative space, I wouldn't be as far as I am now. 

I shared that story so you will get encouragement and motivation to have your own breakthrough in fitness AND in business, AND in life. People try to make the three domains separate, they very much so need each other in order for you to live being the best version of yourself. I have five reasons you've not had that breakthrough yet in fitness, and I believe they are tied directly to how you're living out your life everyday. 

  1. You fly by the seat of your pants. You have a general plan of action for each day; to just "get through" the day. When you haphazardly are doing things each day, do you have an end goal for doing them? How will you know if you've achieved what you want to? Not having a specific plan for your day doesn't leave room for creative and committing to fitness, and that makes your workouts disposable. YOU are not disposable. Set specific goals and commit to completing at least 30 minutes of a workout or activity into your life.
  2. You're "trying" to get it in. Simply put, stop TRYING and start DOING. Preparing your mind to have leg day is so much more positive and intentional than when you wake up and give yourself an out from doing what you have planned. I can try to sell my services to someone, but unless I prepare myself with the proper marketing materials and info to deliver to share how valuable health and wellness is to us all, my trying is just wishful thinking. Prepare yourself by seeing your workout on paper, laying out your clothes the evening before, and in the morning or the next evening, you will be on autopilot so you'll go right into your clothes and workout, no questions asked. 
  3. You're too easy on yourself. Remember that comfortable conversation we had earlier? That may be the #1 thing keeping you from your fitness breakthrough. You begin a workout and get to set number three and think "This is too heavy, I need to lighten the weight.". Girl, you've already gotten through two sets. Push yourself! Don't be so easy on yourself that you miss out on the breakthrough that will get you to a new level.
  4. You don't celebrate your breakdowns. YAY! You forgot to pick up that new piece of equipment for your workout (happening tomorrow) and the store is already closed. Breakdown! So where do you think you stopped when it came to preparing for your workout by getting that new piece of equipment? Did you not have the money? Were you going to be late to (fill in the blank) if you made the stop? Did you flat out forget? This kind of breakdown is usually a sign that you aren't as committed as your think. Because if you were, you would have made a way to get the equipment. You knew you needed it for the workout. And now that you don't have it, don't beat yourself up. Acknowledge you don't have it, and figure out the possibility of what you can do. Get creative! You can always go back another time (ASAP, of course) to get the equipment. Time to use that breakdown to get to your breakthrough. 
  5. You're not willing to fail. This is similar to the breakdowns, however, the main element here is when you've done everything you can, and you still don't get the results you expected, you get scared and quit. Sometimes, you've get to fail. Winning and achievements and triumphs are all great and gravy, but when you're only used to achieving, when something doesn't go your way, you aren't able to fully embrace and learn from it. You aren't able to see all the other options that you have to do that thing you set out to do. People attach failure to negativity so quickly. I've even done it (and still do). But learning that it's alright to fail has pushed me to greater. It's helped me use my failure as inspiration to myself and others that there are an abundance of other ways to try again. Maybe for you, you've seen failure as having three cheat meals last week. Acknowledge what you did, and find ways to replace those meals with healthier options next time. (a more planned out grocery list? Someone to help you shop for healthy options?). 

You may not be where you want to be, but you sure not where you used to be. Ask yourself if you want more. Ask yourself if you're willing to do what it takes to get consistent once and for all and have the fitness breakthrough you need to lose weight, tone up, and feel great. 

Breakthroughs come in all shapes and sizes, and the best way to have them in fitness is to prepare your mind properly. Write down what you want to manifest, and get consistent doing it.