3 Solutions to a Disciplined and Positive Mindset

I've been speaking a lot on mindset and how it affects how you see results (or not) in your fitness life. We will soon be delving into nutrition. But for now, let's continue on with what you can do to prepare and discipline your mind to begin thinking positively about your journey and see your results for what they really have the ability to be.

I've shared in my weekly newsletter, Weekly Pep Talks, how I'd allowed my self-limiting beliefs to distract me from achieving goals I'd set for myself (physically and in my biz). By simply taking a moment to remind myself how abundant in support and love I am, I was able to change my mindset, and crank my workouts up a notch to push through and get stronger, more defined, and have the energy I needed to achieve other goals I had set for myself. 

If you're struggling to keep that disciplined and positive mindset, here are some solutions I want to offer as suggestions for you to implement today to start shifting your mindset into GO mode. 

  1. Ask yourself "What DO I have? What HAVE I achieved?". If you can answer those questions, congratulations! Whatever you were DOING to HAVE those achievements happen, you were BEING  a certain way. Step into that way of being EVERYDAY, and you'll get to those results you desire. It's not "Once I have _______ , then I can do _______, and then I can be _______ (also seen as, "Once I have that startup money, I can start that business and make money, then I'll be happy and fulfilled." OR, "Once I have the time, I can do my workouts during my lunch, and I'll lose weight and be fit and happy.") It's literally the reverse; "If I am being ______, and I do _________ anyway, and do _________ boldly, then I'll have _______ (what I say I want for my life). Step into and own your way of being, and when you do, things will happen for you. Don't wait for the "right time". The right time is NOW. 
  2. Use that mental energy for good. Do you know that phrase, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."? This is the epitome of fitness! If you never give yourself a chance to stretch and attempt, of course you'll never achieve. But the minute you become open to the possibility that YOU, yes, even YOU, can actually do that exercise, complete that workout, have that schedule, wake up that early, you're giving yourself more opportunities to step into your greatness. 
  3. Live your life "at cause". Most of us are living our life "at effect" vs. "at cause". When you are living life "at effect", you are basically of the mindset that everything that happens to you is because of some external source, i.e., "I can't workout because my car is broken down and I can't get to the gym.". Living life "at effect" gives you an out to not take responsibility for anything in your own life. Life happens TO you. When you live life "at cause", you become the direct cause of everything happening in your life. You are the author, the creator, therefore, you have the power to change the story, if you want to. This is such an empowering place to be because you now are in position to get the results you desire. You're in control. You're not a victim to your circumstances. You're living from a "What can I do?" mindset. You now have space to create your life the way you want to. You want that ultimate level of fitness that's just for you? You want that idea you've been dreaming of to come to life? You want that amazing relationship with your significant other, spouse, family member, or friend? Live life at cause, and take charge to create it. 

Fitness is always one of those things at the top of people's list, but the motivation to be bold and courageous enough to take action and stick with it is always something that gets lost in the atmosphere. Our journeys to be our best selves will all be different and personal to our own lives, and we all have the same ability to have the mindset we need to change from the inside, out. 

Need another boost to change that mindset? How about a Challenge? In five days, learn to get a positive mindset through journaling, implementing healthy eating habits into your day, and consistently working out for 5 days on my #BeFocusedandFit Challenge. Done consistently and giving 100% in your workouts, you'll gain energy, get stronger, and lose a couple of pounds along the way.