Why Your Brain is the Strongest "Muscle" You Possess

Our brains are constantly at work; while we are awake making decisions, while we're asleep, while we are zoned out in la la land. When we get hurt, signals travel to our brain to let us know that we may need to seek some sort of medical attention. Our brains will also let us know when we are filled with good feelings, too (I call those "warm fuzzies"). Our brains are so very powerful. So it's important to keep it in working order so we can commit to being more well-rounded people, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

I know the brain isn't technically a muscle (it's a mass of grey and white matter, billions of neurons, water, and fatty tissue; it's actually the fattiest organ we have!). And, I'm still going to call it that for the purposes of this post and the point of our new series "The Mindset Movement". Everything that happens in our fitness life is because we think about it first. From the conception of the idea to wanting to get in shape, right down to the reps and weight in the workouts we do. We get to rely on this powerhouse to determine what kind of fitness lifestyle we are going to have. I want to share with you why the brain will always be the strongest muscle we have and some ways you can keep it healthy.

  1. Your brain 100% affects your goals. "I can't finish this set.", "I'm so tired.", "I just don't have the time.", "I'm a single parent.", "My job is so demanding.". Do any of these excuses resonate with you? I'm sure they do. Because I've heard them more than once from more than a few people. When you plant a seed of fear or doubt in your brain, it consumes it as nourishment. Unfortunately, it's like feeding your body McDonald's 7 days a week. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but once it's in there, you feel horrible for having consumed it. *sidenote - I still like McDonald's fries, and they don't agree with me, the older I get! Whatever you resist, persists. When you surrender, and THINK what's good for you, and start feeding your brain positivity, time will soon become available, you won't feel rushed, you will stay committed to your priorities. It may take a few runs, but it happens, and when it does, you will hit all of your fitness goals (and your life goals).
  2. Your brain 100% affects your health. This is a parallel to the above. If you think you're sick, you'll end up sicker than you were before you actually knew. What you put out into your head, actually comes out of your mouth, and it manifests itself in various ways. A headache turns into a migraine. This isn't to say that sickness, ailments, and the like aren't real. They very much so are, and we are talking about talking ourselves out of being our best selves mentally and physically. The mind literally has the power to talk us out of our greatness. 
  3. Your brain 100% affects your spirit. Have you ever felt down and in the dumps, and as soon as you hear a sad song you get further in the dumps? It's your brain notifying you that it's okay to continue to feel like crap. If you play some uplifting music, though, you tend raise your spirits and you're able to get work done that you didn't think you could before. When you're looking to achieve some major weight loss, and you hit a week where you don't lose any weight (it's very possible), you get down in the dumps. Your brain has the capacity to push past those sad emotions and you get an opportunity to see what you can do to achieve weight loss next week. 

Remember that the power that your brain possesses has the ability to give you life or literally kill you. Here are some ways you can keep positivity flowing through your brain so that it will always pick up those energies that will elevate you to your greatness. 

  • Write in your gratitude journal everyday. Writing out things you're grateful for have shown to boost energy levels and bring a sense of accomplishment AND well-being to you.
  • Have a positive mantra. One powerful thing that I say to myself is, "I am an authentic, loving, passionate, powerful, abundant leader." I know that I have everything that I need to walk in my purpose and have whatever it is I say I want. When I feed my brain those power words, I automatically am manifesting greatness in my life. Another mantra I use is, "When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you DO good." Just getting myself up and looking my best signals to my brain that I'm up for a purpose, and I'm up to get that job done. 

If you have been having trouble with keeping a positive mindset, and you find that your brain won't shut off the negative self-talk, sign up for The Mindset Reset. It's my free 5-day email course designed to give you a more clear and positive mindset so you can tackle and achieve your fitness goals.