Achieving Healthy Eating Habits for a Successful Fitness Journey


So you’ve gotten past your #summertimefine mentality and are about to go into holiday hibernation mode with your workout strategy because, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. You may have had some temporary success with your summertime fitness strategy, but now you’re about to give yourself all the excuses so that you can indulge in eating “one more slice of pie” or miss one more day of working out because it’s “too cold”.

Friend, this is totally not the time for that! I, too, have succumbed to the holiday lazy monster. It’s just not what you want. You’re always sleepy, gnoshing on sweet snacks and treats, and who can forget Aunt so-and-so’s famous dressing and gravy? This year and for the years to come, I want you to change the way you think about what you're eating and fitness. And I want to break it down in such a way that you GET IT and STICK WITH IT!


It may seem like a difficult task, but once you establish yourself as being committed to your goal of a healthy and fit lifestyle that includes healthy eating, you’ve gotten over the first hurdle, and the rest is just about sticking to it. Your commitment to your big WHY is going to get you through. “Well, Lashawn, what if I’ve tried that and it didn’t work before?” I’m glad you asked that. Because last time, you TRIED it. You didn’t DO it. You know the phrase that so many people are using now, “You TRIED it?!”? It’s a more lax and curt way of saying, “You THOUGHT that by your efforts you achieved something, and in actuality, you really didn’t.” So, you TRYING this method or that method implies that you may have given some effort, and based on your results, you really didn’t. So now, you get to DO what you say you’re going to do. And by doing, I mean you get to CONSISTENTLY do. It’s quite simple, if you say that you want a certain outcome. Your commitment is going to require that you eat healthy and have a consistent workout regimen.


Here's an even better option; eat more real food, more often. Real food is basically anything that doesn’t come in a box or wrapper, or is manufactured. If you can’t read the ingredients, there’s some fakeness to it. So, fake food, is just what real food isn’t; it comes from most drive-thru windows, it comes in a box, wrapper, or is manufactured, and most or all of the ingredients sound like verbiage from the movie “The Fifth Element” (we’ll talk about WHAT those real foods look like in another post).

You cannot and will not achieve the weight loss or high energy levels you desire by not eating, or eating below the bare minimum. So you had a handful of almonds for breakfast and an apple for lunch. That’s great! But how are you supposed to go and workout with just over 250 calories in your stomach? You won’t get to your fitness goals as soon as you want to strictly by changing the way you eat. Yes, you’ll begin to lose weight. Losing weight may even come fast to begin with, but how’s that muscle tone going to look when you’ve shed those pounds? This is why a good balance of a healthy eating lifestyle and an effective fitness strategy is the best combination. I know you’re going to ask, “But HOW MUCH am I supposed to eat then?” Don’t fret. I’ve got the quickest, most easy route for you learn to begin on and grow on in healthy eating as we continue to build our community. Here goes. You ready??

1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories

To lose 1 pound of fat, you’ll need to workout and burn 500 calories a day for seven days OR

Reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories

The choice is yours. Will you reduce your daily calories? Do you even eat enough to do that? This is why it’s so important to eat MORE real food. Now, don’t go saying, “Well, I’ll just stop eating that cheeseburger, and I’ll be alright.” More than likely, that burger isn’t the only thing with high calories that have little nutritional value for your life. You get to really scrutinize what you’re eating. I suggest counting every single calorie you eat for one week. Pay attention to what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat it. Then you’ll be able to determine the route you’ll go for weight loss. Now, you’ve also got to scrutinize what you’re doing for a workout. You may be doing too much cardio and not enough strength work. You may be doing all the strength work and not enough flexibility work and exercises that give you the body YOU want. What’s the use of getting all bulky when you can bend over and touch your knees? Why continue running miles and miles a day, if your goal is to get toned and have some muscle definition. The right workout for me, may not be the right workout for you. So you get to figure out what regimen suits you best. If you need assistance, a coach like me will be where you need to start to get some of those preliminary questions answered. But combining BOTH healthy meals and an effective fitness regimen are key.


I know I just borrowed Teddy Roosevelt’s quote, but this really sums up my post. You have big goals. You have goals that you may have achieved in the past, or you may have never gone to reach for. You will eat that Snickers. You will go to IHOP. You will have mama’s famous macaroni and cheese at Thanksgiving dinner. This will NOT derail you. What you get to embrace is the commitment that you’ve made to yourself. You’re stronger than what you peg yourself to be. And you’re still human. I’m not asking you to go cold turkey.

Don’t obsess over the one weekend where you had pizza and beer. It is a neutral event. Once you make it a bad thing, all of a sudden, pizza and beer = bad. Just identify what was and then changing the habit will begin to change your mindset of how you DO fitness and healthy eating and you’ll be more apt to stay on the path that leads you to your goals.

My Facebook group is totally the group to help keep you accountable for times like that. You’ll get to vent and you’ll also get to get inspired by others who are sticking to their commitments. Come on over and see the amount of support you’re able to get to push you to stick to what you say you want.

Another thing that will help you, is having options. For next week’s post, I’ll get a little deeper into the kinds of food that you can look to, and the healthy alternatives that you can replace those highly fatty, sugary, high calorie dishes and meals with.

I want to know, how do you plan on keeping it simple and making tweaks to your eating and fitness lifestyle. Share with me!

Until next time,