Do You! It's Your Life, Live Like It!


We all have struggled at some time or another with living our life the way someone else believes we should live it, or playing a role that someone told us a long time ago we should play. But something that we always tend to do, without hesitation, is train the way we see others train. Not that we should live a life that is created from what someone said we should do (I fully believe in living a life where you're your 100% authentic self), but why is it that when it comes to working out, we try so very hard to emulate a fitness program or even have a #bodygoal that was meant for someone else? 

We were created to use the gifts God gave us to and serve others by using those gifts. For me, motivating and fitness coaching are a couple of my gifts. And using fitness as a vehicle to instill that is my means of doing it. When I first started coaching track, I was pretty young. But I was responsible for 40+ kids and their development and progression on the track. I didn't seriously think about the impact I'd be making. All I knew was that I loved motivating and coaching and seeing people excel. During that time, I mattered to them. I want you to get that you matter. You deserve every waking day you have. You deserve to feel great, mentally and physically. You deserve to be your best, most authentic self while you are existing on this earth. You deserve it all. There's nothing wrong with having a body goal, we all want to have something to strive towards. But what if THAT BODY isn't the body meant for you? What if there is a body shape that is meant just for you, and something you haven't even imagined it could be? That's why I host my Pop-Up Workouts. I want you to see that you can step out of the norm, and get fit in a way you may not have thought of before. Today, I want to motivate you to keep being your fly self by sharing with you, 5 ways to be fly and live like it's 100% yours!

  1. There's no room for the negative. When you give energy to someone or something that is draining you, questioning you (with no intention of elevating you), or feeding you negativity, that is a clear sign to put them on TOTAL IGNORE. No one deserves your time, energy, nor vibes who isn't willing to lift you up. You have a fitness goal or any goal for that matter, and they want to sell you all the reasons why you can't/won't achieve it? Ditch 'em. You have a fear you're trying to conquer and they reinforce the fear rather than you facing it? Let 'em go! Will your journey to greatness be a challenge, yes. Can you do it? Yes, if you have a little bit of faity, and you put in the work. Simple solution; positive vibes only. 
  2. Literally, don't care what people think of you. Guess what? There are people out there who just don't like you. For whatever reason. And they are not going to want to see you win. They're going to think exactly what they want to think of you, and that's okay. Do you know why? Because you can't change people. You can only change your actions and reactions. So save some of that energy you might've given to caring/worrying about what he/she said about you and devote it to a set or two of squats. You'll feel better with that ending EVERY TIME. 
  3. Do at least one thing that is just for you. Treating yourself is a method of self care. As business owners, we take this for granted far too often because we are so consumed with wanting to help others. Get a massage. Go on a quick vacation (a real one where you're not working). Practice some yoga. Relax from business work with a good movie or book. Buy that cute bag you've been eyeing. Yes, go to Cold Stone Creamery (I'll allow it this one time!). If you're not taking a minute for yourself, you will burn out quickly and not be able to service those you need to. 
  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. You may miss a workout or two It's okay, I promise. It's not the end of the world or your workout goals if you happen to miss a workout. Just get back up. Everyone will not care for you, and that's okay. So you didn't get to finish your to-do list, and you didn't die. All I'm saying here, is you're still human. You will still fail at at least one thing per day. I FAIL at at least 2-3 things a day. But I learn the lesson, gather what I can do differently so that I can excel at another opportunity and I keep it moving (struggling with depression and anxiety, the thought process was not always this easy, I'll talk about that in another post). 
  5. Honor God by honoring yourself and your commitments. When you honor yourself by honoring your commitments, you're giving honor to God, and life gets more and more easy. "Commit to the Lord, whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." (Proverbs 16:3). When you do the things that are going to be enhancements to your life, you may work a little harder, but the outcome and long term effects will make work and your days seem like a breeze because you have a plan. When you commit to doing something, you may not know right away, the method to which you're going to do it. But if you commit, you'll figure out a way. If you halfway commit or try to wait for "something better", you'll forever be stuck in that mode of "I can't do this." or "One day I'll start...".

Living your life with 100% authenticity isn't about not enduring, it's about living your life gratefully and abundantly, regardless of the struggles. The struggles will be there in many different forms. How you overcome will be up to you. And when you decide that you want to live your FLYEST life, it will be more than you imagined.