Making Time for Fitness


Whenever we begin to have aspirations of getting in shape, the thoughts of "How do I begin?", "Where do I start?", "Do I even have the time?" begin to creep in. Then, the doubt, just like thunder after lightning, comes into play. "I can't spend all that time in a gym.", "I don't have the time, I have too many other things to do.", "I can't afford a trainer right now.".

Most of the aspirations that have ever come up in my mind, I've always had the first mind to give a lame excuse to actually NOT DO what I'm aspiring to do. Why is that? Well, mainly because we've been conditioned to survive and be comfortable. There's nothing out there that we can't do. God designed us fearfully and wonderfully, and it's up to us to access that power and be bold in what we say. Take leaps when we can't see what's on the other side. Is this a little ambitious to be talking about fitness? Maybe. But the sentiment rings true. We talk ourselves out of being our best self more times than not. And fitness seems to be the thing that suffers the most in our lives when we're in doubt. It's so easy to push something like a workout to the side. But a workout regimen is the very thing you need to be prioritizing so that you have a better chance of having a long, full life.

But the main reason you don't have enough time is because you are filling your time with mindless behavior that isn't productive and using important tasks as reasons to pawn off regular exercise. I think I have the remedy to increasing time for fitness.

  1. DECLARE that you will sacrifice for you. Listen, you ARE enough. You deserve to be the most healthy you that you can be. When you declare that you're going to devote time to yourself to better your health, you have an obligation to keep your word. When you declare, you do what you say you're going to do, no matter what, because you're worth it.
  2. IMPLEMENT a plan of committed action that you will be taking. What's your strategy? How are you going to carry out the goals you set for yourself? How are you going to hold yourself accountable? If you don't know, this may be when you consider investing in a coach, or searching for remedies that work for you. But here is where the real work begins. [bctt tweet="Taking committed action towards your fitness is honorable to yourself and to God." username="@ItsShawnDotCom"]
  3. ESTABLISH  that committed action by getting and staying consistent. So by now, you've made a bold declaration that you're going to take yourself and your fitness life seriously, you know what you're going to do, you now get to get consistent. Consistency breeds confidence. Confidence breeds action. Action breeds results. Once you're consistent in your fitness routine, you're not going to want to live any other way. It will actually feel weird to NOT workout. It just feels good.
  4. MAINTAINING your consistency is the key to this whole shebang. Consistency can fall off. Maintaining it requires that you have a schedule. Does this have to be a rigid and cold and boring task? Absolutely not. Make it a fun worthwhile routine that you enjoy doing. If you don't make it enjoyable, you won't maintain, then you won't stay consistent, which means what you implement will fall off, and then you won't keep your word, which leads us right down the road to fitness procrastination and frustration.

When you make time for a fitness regimen in your life, you're giving yourself the care and nurturing that you give to the people you are in service to. Your clients will notice that you're more alert, you have more energy, and of course, they will ask you about dropping a few sizes. If you don't give yourself time, no one else will, not the way you deserve it.

Until next time,