What My Atlanta Pop-Up Experience Can Teach You About Being Focused, Fit, and Fly

What My Atlanta Pop-Up Workout Can Teach You about Being Focused, Fit, and Fly
What My Atlanta Pop-Up Workout Can Teach You about Being Focused, Fit, and Fly

This past weekend, I had a very interesting and eye-opening Pop-Up Workout experience in Atlanta. Don't get me wrong, I definitely ended up having a good experience, but from beginning to end, talk about a roller coaster! Now, I'm going to get pretty transparent, but I'm not going to get into all of the specifics.

What I do want to talk with you about is how it all can help you (and me) become more focused, fit, and fly. I love that this experience led me to think more about my mantra, and what it means to me as it pertains to helping you all.

Being Focused

I made the biggest cardinal mistake when arriving to my Pop-Up Workout. I was late. Not like "the workout should be over now" late, but one of those, "I left to get here early and I was still late" type of lates. In order to be there early, I should have arrived about 30-40 minutes earlier so I could relax and get some of the nerves out of me. Instead, I allowed my nerves to get the best of me. I was SO nervous! I wanted people to show up. I wanted them to be excited, I wanted things to go right for me in a brand new setting. What I was doing was allowing other peoples' actions dictate my feelings, and it got me all out of sorts. I was so nervous, I lost my keys while I was packing up to go from my car to the park. But can I share another transparent part of this story with you? The one person who did show up ended up leaving and not coming back for the afternoon session. It left a bad taste in her mouth. That was a huge lesson that slapped me all in the face. I know I would have given an awesome workout, and she would have been pleased, but she chose to do her thing with her time and we both missed out. Not only that. No one showed up that day for either session. It happens. I'm not perfect. But it took me a minute to get out of my feelings for my first day there. 

Bummer, yes. But now I know the area much better, so when I go back, it's going to be 10x as better. So let me remind you (and myself). Be focused on what YOU are doing. When you focus on you, you almost always end up doing and being great.

Be focused on YOUR journey, and your goals. When they say you can't do that yoga pose, or you can't lift that much on the bench press, focus on YOUR journey and you will hit that yoga pose with ease, and bench press more than you ever thought you could.

Being Fit

This Pop-Up Workout wasn't my first one. So I knew that I had to keep in shape in order to deliver a great workout and outlast my participants (yes, guys, I need to be able to push you to be your greatest, so I have to be my greatest). I was so ready to deliver a great workout, but during the second Saturday session while we were waiting for participants, I was with my co-host (who's also a Tar Heel alum and teammate), and I pinched a nerve in my lower back muscles. Talk about painful. I just knew I was down for the count for my Sunday morning Pop-Up. But I persevered. I did exactly everything that I could, and anything I couldn't, I just cheered on the people who where there participating. I had to find a way to encourage people to stay fit and still do my job while I was there.

Here's why my Pop-Up will teach you to be fit. Because when you're fit, you know that you're going to warm up and get ready for your workout. It's only what any sane exerciser/athlete would do. We were just taking pictures and reminiscing, and before I knew it, I'm walking around with a stiff and extremely tender back. I know I'll warm up next time, whether participants are there or not!

Being Fly

I always say, "when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.

Here's where I knew that I had it all together. I made sure that I had a variety of workout clothes so that I'd be ready for any kind of weather. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable, that I wouldn't be pulling or tugging or too hot or too cold. And of course, I wanted to coordinate! When you're confident in yourself, you make sure that you look as confident on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Being fly is all about confidence. It's all about knowing that you're thinking, feeling, and looking your best. Aesthetics is something that we all notice first. How pretty something is to us or how shiny or how "cool". This, of course, is all in the eye of the beholder, so while this needs to be on your list, make sure you're being fly for you, and others will be attracted to that.

I experienced a lot of ups and downs from hosting an out of town workout in a new place pretty much on my own. But I know this won't be the first and last time that I visit Atlanta. Next time, I will be more ready than ever.

I hope you have a great day, and I'll see you in the next post.

Let me know some methods that you use to remain balanced and not let your jitters and nervousness get the best of you!