Fitness, Wellness, and YOUR Self-Worth

Fitness, Wellness, and Your Self-Worth graphic
Fitness, Wellness, and Your Self-Worth graphic

So, do you think the three categories in the title are all correlated? I think they are. Many of us see on a day to day basis with fitting workouts into our schedules, not being stressed out, and having a high (or sometimes, even any) self-esteem about ourselves. Go ahead and think about each one of those areas independently. Now, think about them as one cohesive, working unit. They all relate to each other, and we have to start seeing them as such.

Too often, we only see these categories of fitness, wellness, and self-worth in their own independent bubbles. But I want to show you why they are all actually really connected and why you need them all to be functioning properly to live your best life.

On February 22nd, I was featured on's website for their #myworthmovement campaign. I was so excited to be able to share my ideas of fitness and wellness and what they mean to our self-worth. I want to chat with you all today with a little more elaboration on the subject.

The Fitness Bubble

We all want to get fit, or be in shape, or have a six pack, or whatever phrase that you use to relate to fitness. But just being fit and in shape or even having that six pack aren't enough to push you to actually doing it. You have to start creating firm goals. Those pseudo-goals are just filler for the actual thing that you want to do, but are scared to say out loud. How will you know that you are "fit"? Will it be in the way your clothes fit, or will it be because you had a great bill of health from your doctor? What about in the way you feel each day after you've started your new fitness journey? What is your specific idea of "fit"? Now see how this spills over into the next bubble?

The Wellness Bubble

Now, wellness is something that people simply view as taking their daily vitamin, doing yoga, or "maintaining a healthy lifestyle". This is another pseudo-goal of wellness. We need to make sure our minds are at peace and we are being productive each and every day. Why waste time just existing when you can spend time LIVING?!

When we make healthy choices with food, the people we spend our time with, how we spend our time alone, not being so serious all the time, we are actually adding years to our lives. This is vital if we want to be our best selves.

The Self-Worth Bubble

What other people think about you means more to you when you don't think much of yourself. Let me reiterate that. What OTHER PEOPLE THINK about you MEANS MORE to you when you DON'T THINK MUCH OF YOURSELF. This is the only time when you have to pay attention  to what others think. You have to pay attention to this because if left unattended, this thought process can be detrimental. This is what leads so many people to not valuing their self-worth and having low self-esteem. You should ALWAYS think highly of yourself. YOU MATTER. You were put on this earth to serve a purpose, and to serve that purpose with excellence. You have to be confident in yourself, your words, your actions; everything you do. When you are bold and take risks, you open up a whole new door of opportunity.

When thought about independently, yes, each of these areas of our life is very important. But utilizing them together can mean a whole new life experience. That's why fitness isn't just a fad, but a lifestyle. It's why wellness means more than taking your vitamins, and self-worth without managing those two things properly isn't as strong as it could be.

Have you successfully managed your fitness, wellness, and self-worth? Are they all working cohesively? Let me know in the comments and let's chat about it!

Until the next post, #befocusedbefitbefly