3 Ways a Workout Buddy Keeps You on Track

3 Ways a Workout Buddy Can Keep You on Track + a video demo.
3 Ways a Workout Buddy Can Keep You on Track + a video demo.

Who is your workout buddy? Do you have someone who kicks your butt into high gear when you begin to slack off in the middle of your workout? What about someone who motivates you to get up and just get it done? We all (even us fitness coaches) need motivation. Beyonce is my workout buddy, by the way. Don't believe me? Read on...

When I hear Bey, I know that I'm about to GET.IT.IN. Now, just to keep you from being super jelly of me, let me clarify. Beyonce is my workout buddy because of the music that I listen to WHEN I workout (but you knew that, didn't you, LOL)? Most of the time, I'm working out alone at my home for my own workouts, so I need a little pep and motivation. One key thing that I notice, is when I do my Tabata workouts, which are four minutes long for each of my five sets, Beyonce's fast paced songs always get me through, and I've tried using several of her songs. The majority of them last through the four minutes. I also have active rest and dance in between exercises and sets because I just LOOOOOVE Beyonce!

But this is why I say she's my workout buddy. She motivates me, her songs all have have a great rhythm to exercise to, she pushes me to no quit because, well, Beyonce. So let's chat for a moment about three ways your workout buddy can keep you on track to being your best self and keep you on track towards your fitness goals, whether they are in person with you or they're blaring through your speakers.

  1. A workout buddy can help you focus on the QUALITY and TECHNIQUE of your exercises over quantity. Beyonce does NOT slack on her workouts. I know this, not because I know her, but because I see the fruits of her labor. And as extravagant as her shows are, and as hard as she works, you can't pay me enough to think she slacks off. When you've subscribed yourself to a workout regimen, you have to make sure you know how to do the exercises CORRECTLY before you try to complete a workout just going through the motions. Your in-person workout buddy can help make sure you're in alignment and in proper form. Your musical workout buddy can help you stay on cue. It also helps to have some sort of mirror or reflection to help guide you. It does nothing but waste time and increases the chance of getting injured when you workout but don't know what you're doing.
  2. Gradually increase your effort. Once you've learned how to perform your exercises correctly, always strive to keep increasing your strength and oxygen capacity. Never get yourself in a rut. This puts you in position to slack off and eventually stop your workout. A workout buddy wouldn't let you give up. And you shouldn't want to give up in front of your workout buddy. Make it somewhat of a friendly competition against your workout buddy. Imagine the two of you working out together from around the same starting point. You begin to notice your buddy getting leaner and stronger. If your workout buddy is coming from your speakers, imagine what they look like. They perform in front of millions of people a year. They need to be fit, and so do you. When you feel like you're starting to plateau, your lifting and resistance training is getting easier or it's taking a longer time for you to get winded, it's time for you to up your resistance and effort. You want to feel like your body is going to give out by the time you get to the end of your sets. Your last 2-3 repetitions should be somewhat difficult, but doable. When those last few reps start to become easy, it'll be nearing the time to increase your weight and effort.
  3. Don't give up. This may read easier than it is, sometimes. But this is when you have to kick your mental into high gear. You have to remember that this workout is for YOU. You need this so that you can function at your highest level for yourself and for others. You are the biggest project that you'll ever work on (I guess next to having and raising children). Be proud of that, and never give up on yourself. Just think of where you could be even a month from now, if you don't give up. The results are up to you. Go for it!

Your workout buddy may be right next to you, they may be a Skype call away, or they may even been the voice coming through your speakers. But that extra motivation will give you the drive and discipline to get through one more rep.

Remeber to always #befocusedbefitbefly

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