Three Gym Issues and How to Remedy Them

Three Gym Issues and How to Remedy Them
Three Gym Issues and How to Remedy Them

I love working out at home. It's so convenient for me. I either wake up, spend my time with just me and God to get my mind right for the day, and then get to working out. The convenience factor alone makes me love my home gym that much more.

Even still, I've spent my fair share of time in the gym; as a patron, as staff, and as a trainer. As a patron, I think there pros and cons to working out in a gym facility. But I want to talk with you about a few of the issues that you may struggle with and how you can remedy those issues to have a more productive experience.

  1. The time it takes to get to the gym. That dreaded drive to the gym sometimes seems like the longest drive ever. Let's take it back just a little bit. Sitting in your house, prepping your gym bag, and GETTING READY to drive to the gym seems like the longest process ever, LOL. Lots of us have trouble just getting there. Not to mention the time it takes to get back home. We stress over that presumed "lost" time. We feel like we could have been so much more productive. So we may rush through our workout, not paying attention and being in the moment wth the areas we're focusing on that day, just because we've stressed about how long it took to get to the gym or how long it takes to get back. The remedy, maximize your travel time to the gym by reviewing your workout in your head. Imagine yourself increasing the intensity of your workout. Make sure you have your plan laid out for your gym visit. On your way home, make any stops you need to, but if no stops are necessary, focus on the things you need to do when you get home so that you can seamlessly implant yourself into the home part of your day after work and gym.
  2. People at the gym who won't/don't respect your time there. People, there is a keyword that is crucial in that last statement. This is YOUR time. Your time is sacred, hopefully, you take time each day to spend in meditation and gratefulness, that is your mental time to better yourself. This gym time is the time you take to physically better yourself. Some people don't realize they are imposing on your time because, well, they're just being polite, and you oblige by listening and conversing back. If this is after your workout, perfect. But during your workout, you have to be disciplined enough to focus on your workout so that you are devoting that time to your and giving your all. Then, there are people who don't care that they are imposing on your gym time. It's like, no matter what you do to stay focused, they come and ask you about work, in between sets, they ask about your family. The questions seem to never end. And all you want to do is finish your workout. The remedy, The same way they politely interrupted your time, you can politely let them know that you would love to catch up, and you will, as soon as you finish your workout. Period. This is your time and you need to command it.
  3. What to do once you get to the gym. This is something that can be an issue whether you're at the gym or doing your workout at home. And to piggyback off of #1, you have the plan to implement a fitness strategy into your life. But the most important part of the fitness implementation is to have a fitness PROGRAM! There's no worse feeling when you get to the gym than walking around aimlessly not having a plan for a workout. You don't want to do too little, but you don't want to use every single piece of equipment in the gym to feel like it's the only way to feel like you've maximized your visit. Your remedy, you need to know what you're doing from week to week, and workout to workout. Get a calendar to use as a go-by so that you know what areas of the body to workout on what days and when to rest.

So on your next visit to the gym, make sure you're protecting your you time and maximizing your workouts. It's one of the best things you're going to do for yourself for the day. At least you can enjoy it.

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