BE FLY - Maintaining Clear Skin Pre-, During, and Post-Workouts

BE FLY - How to Maintain Clear Skin Before, During, and After Your Workout graphic
BE FLY - How to Maintain Clear Skin Before, During, and After Your Workout graphic

Having clear skin is a desire we all have. We envy those who seem to never get a blemish at any time on any part of their body, EVER. And don't forget, "that time" can tend to be completely disrespectful to our faces. But did you know there is a direct relationship between having facial and body acne and working out? Making sure you take precautions to protect your skin from breakouts is super important, and also super easy.

Let's go through the stages of your workout session and what you can do to get and maintain flawless looking skin.


Lots of you commence your workout directly after work hours. It's been a long day, and you may have applied some sort of makeup before you started your workday. Now that it's time for your workout, you need to do one important thing; remove that makeup! When you keep makeup on your face while you're working out, your pores open and invite all of those chemicals into your skin, providing the perfect storm for creating acne. Yes, you looked your flyest all day, but you're beautiful without your makeup, too. So take measures to keep your skin clear and remove that foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and concealer from your face. Give your face a chance to breathe easy during your workout, without "inhaling" that perfectly matching foundation.

Once you've taken off your makeup, do another once-over with a clean wipe, just to make sure you've taken off all makeup and you have a fresh clean face.


While you may be working out at home or in the gym, you need to make sure you are still working out under clean conditions. Other gym members may not be as mindful as you when they've finished using a piece of equipment. Even when you're at home, remember, you're still working out hard, and you're still sweating on your equipment. Take the time to wipe the equipment down BEFORE you use it to prevent future breakouts. One time, I got ringworm from sitting on a leg extension machine that I forgot to wipe down before I used. I didn't know why my leg was itching so much when I noticed it a day or so later. So now, especially at the gym, but even at home, I wipe down my equipment. Lesson learned.

Another skin saver is to keep your hair off your skin. This is sort of a twofer. When you keep your hair off of your skin, 1) you save your ends because it doesn't get salty from your sweat, and they won't dry out, and 2) your hair has product all throughout it. when your hair grazes your face or your body, you are transferring your hair products to your open pores, clogging them and producing acne.


Once you've gotten your sweat fest on, you must make sure not to immediately go out and run errands and  keep those wet clothes on your body. Again, your pores are exposed, and the longer you keep those sweaty clothes close to your body, the more chance you are giving your body time to get acclimated to toxins you've eliminated from your body through your sweat, and the higher your chances of body acne and infection in those nether parts. Take a shower or at least change into some dry clothes within 30 minutes of completing your workout.

While you shower, exfoliating is a great way to slough off dead skin, scrub-a-dub down in those pores, and reveal an amazingly beautiful and bright layer of skin. Be sure to use an exfoliant that is milder, nothing with hard, harsh pieces throughout, so you can use it 2-3 times a week. This type of exfoliant is okay to use a couple times a week.

These methods are by far not the only ways to help maintain healthy, acne-free skin, but they're definitely some of my favorite methods. Consistently utilizing these and other methods will help to prevent and maintain clear skin that you will confidently want to show off. So workout with confidence, and keep it clean! Give your skin a chance to be flawless and fly.

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