Distractions - Overcoming Them to BE FOCUSED

How to Overcome Distractions
How to Overcome Distractions

Distractions. We all have them. So I decided that I wanted to inherit one word this year. You now, something to keep me motivated and focused; working hard towards achieving a big goal by the end of the year. I don't want any of those distractions to keep me from being great. My one word is BETTER. To be a better Christian, a better entrepreneur, speaker, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, workout buddy, cousin. You name it, I want to be better at it than I was last year. By having this one word to focus on, I will get closer to my purpose, and I'll get there faster. I thought it would be a great suggestion to offer to you to try. I want you to be better, too. So I want you to choose your one word, and then overcome your own distractions. Keep reading to find out how.

In the past, I've been erratic in my focus (yes, even in fitness). Sometimes it's laser, other times, fickle. But experiences that I have encountered have taught me that if you allow people and things to be a distraction, they will be, even overly so. They may not be trying to suck the life out of you on purpose, but they will drain and kill you spiritually and emotionally. Physically and mentally, you regress and become immature again. You will lose focus. If you're not of the same mindset, elevating each other to be better and being intentional with doing better and helping each other stay accountable, then you MUST reevaluate why you are allowing them or whatever situation it is, to stay in your life. Who or what is around you that inspires you to do more, to do better? Who or what in your life is keeping you from being your best self? How are those people or things a part of your WHY?

If you can't answer those questions positively and definitively, then you are guilty of allowing Time Zappers in your life. Time Zappers can come in the form of people and situations, so evaluate with scrutiny. Time Zappers take you away from your focus and your purpose. If you've waited 20 minutes too long to finish your workout because someone called you and you answered the phone, that is a Time Zapper situation. If you stopped your work to see that one scene on TV (I'm guilty of this one) and it turned into you watching through to the credits, that's a Time Zapper situation. Don't allow those distractions to keep you from being great.

Of course, there's a time and a place for vegging out and relaxing your mind, and even enjoying yourself and having fun. But there is a difference between those things, and feeling like whenever you're in a situation, you're not giving renewal and refreshing to someone or something, and receiving it back yourself. You spoil and eventually kill the most creative parts of your mind with banter, gossip and non-relevant and non-elevating information. As you get older, you realize that your time becomes your most important and valuable asset. You money is important, too, but you learn that if you waste it, you can get that back. But your time is the one thing in life that you can never get back.

So how, exactly, do you overcome distractions? Spend your time wisely. Always look for moments to be productive; even in your "letting your hair down" time. Put and keep your priorities first. Don't ever be afraid or ashamed to take back YOUR time, especially if it means regaining your sense of purpose while you are here. 

Be bold, do BETTER. BE BETTER.

Love and Hugs,


Be FocusedLashawn Gee