Why Leg Day is the BEST Workout Day

Why Leg Day is the Best Workout Day
Why Leg Day is the Best Workout Day

Happy New Year! Okay, I had to get that out of the way. Hey, you've gotta say it at least once on the blog, right? I can't believe it's a brand new year. At the same time, I'm so excited for what's to come. More blog posts, more workouts, more workout challenges. This is going to be a great year! I mean, Helloooooo, we're even talking about leg day today!

So, once and for all, let's all stand in agreement and say that leg day is the BEST day of all the workout days (well, maybe next to ab day). I may be a little weird, but I really love that feeling you get after a good leg workout where your legs feel all jiggly and unstable. And then the next day, you can barely move because you're so sore, and once you sit down for an extended amount of time and then try to stand....OH, sorry. Was I going overboard? I just get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that I had a great workout. Especially a great leg workout. Days where you can feel the work you put in should always make you smile.

Leg workouts are way more beneficial than your may realize. I've got several reasons why:

  1. Promotes a healthy heart
  2. Gives you a better upper body
  3. Gives you a nice butt
  4. Gives you improved stamina
  5. You'll have fewer injuries to worry about

Promoting a healthy heart. Lifting increases blood flow. When you increase blood flow, you help strengthen your heart and help it to function better. So keep deadlifting, squatting and doing those leg presses.

Gives you a better upper body. When you strengthen your lower body, you put yourself in position for better posture, which aids in proper execution of upper body exercises. You're welcome. 

Gives you a nice butt. Do I REALLY need to explain this one? There are SO many exercises that give you a perky, firm booty. Check out this one that I posted on Instagram. 

Gives you improved stamina. Because the lower body has the largest muscles, when you use them to go on runs or do heavy lifting, you're strengthening your entire cardiovascular system and you will be able to last longer through your workouts with more energy.

You'll have fewer injuries to worry about. When you strengthen your legs and lower body, you are giving more support to your entire body, protecting you from injuries because you're building stability to keep you strong. 

All of what you do to strengthen your muscles, especially your legs, requires you to stay hydrated so that you can workout more smoothly. Your legs house some of your largest muscles, and you DO NOT want them cramping up! Because your leg muscles and your glutes are your largest muscles, the more you work them, the more fat they burn, and the higher success rate for weight loss. So get to squattin'!


Love and Hugs,