Three Reasons to Make Time Just for You

Three Reasons to Make Time Just for You

Three Reasons to Make Time Just for You

Many times when someone says they need to take some “me time” it doesn’t always coincide with a fitness routine.  We think quiet time, or a spa day.  I know for a while I just used to want a nap.  That’s all I needed.  A good two hour nap was my “me time.”  All of those ideas were at the top of my list, at least in my top five.  There’s nothing wrong with any of these “me time” activities.  They are great ways to pamper yourself and take a little while to do something especially for you.  But one important facet of taking a moment for ourselves has been left out, and that’s incorporating time to exercise.  Maybe it’s because when we say “I’m going to workout,” the term “work” brings to mind our 9-5. We make it a burden. On the contrary, including a fitness regimen in your “me time” is and should be at the top of your list.  Here’s why.

  • When you workout, you’re contributing to being your best self.  When you’re your best self, you can be your best self to others.  Have you ever tried to do something for someone when you had little energy to do it and you know you weren’t giving your all because you were tired?  This is when working out can come in and save the day.  That release of endorphins (those happy hormones) boosts your adrenaline and gives you the push you need to service others at your most optimum level.  Too “tired” to workout?  See my next point.
  • Even 30 minutes of activity will contribute to a healthier you.  Whoever said that being in the gym for at least two hours was the requirement for working out should be politely chopped in the throat (okay, maybe not chopped in the throat, but at least give ‘em the side eye).  Unless you are on a scholarship somewhere or getting paid to have your best most sculpted body, you don’t need to spend that much time in the gym to be effective!  As a matter of fact, the American Heart Association recommends that adults should spend 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise mode to improve cardiovascular health.  An easier figure to remember, though, is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, just to take away guesswork in dividing, ☺.  Don’t have 30 minutes (boy you’re super busy!)?  Try breaking up that time in 10-15 minute increments in the day.  The point is to just do something to stay active; even if it’s just walking.  Take that time for yourself and see how great you begin to feel after doing it for a while. Here

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  • Lastly, make time for you because no one is going to make time for you like you do it.  I’d be hard pressed to believe that any boss we’ve had would ever worry about what we do on our own vacation days away from the office.  Maybe there’s someone out there who doesn’t really know what that vacation day really looks like because they are so busy with the demands of their job, that they haven’t had a chance to take time off.  Remember [bctt tweet="If you don’t manage making time for you, no one else is going to do it for you."] So give yourself the best you time that you can think of or else you’ll be stuck being a robot at your job, wondering what it’s like to have time off.  Your version of time to yourself will become something that someone else will create for you, IF they remember to create it.

It’s so important to take time for yourself.  It’s great to be able to step away for just a little bit in order to relax and refresh your mind.  Exercise will do that.  When you come back, you’ll be ready to take on any job, significant other, kids, project that you have in front of you, because you’ve taken time to clear your mind.

How are you spending your "me time"? Are you incorporating exercise into your time to yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

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