Learn How to De-Stress with These Three Hacks

3 Fitness Hacks to De-Stress 

3 Fitness Hacks to De-Stress 

We’ve all heard that working out is a great de-stressor. Coming from the sports world as an athlete, I’ve definitely seen it work both ways; as a de-stressor and as….let’s just flat out call it what it was sometimes – punishment.

As an adult, with no more hard core training to look forward to, and just trying to exercise, it is so relaxing to my mind to get home from work, get a run in if I can, but just to get on Periscope (or not) and get a good workout in to melt that stress off my shoulders. At the same time, on some days, I’m so very overwhelmed from my day, that even working out won’t help me unwind.

Yes, working out definitely releases those “happy hormones”, or endorphins, for you technical folks, and it also relaxes those tense muscles. So I should just tell you all to go have great sex and that’ll solve all your problems, right? Well, sort of. It IS a physical activity that lasts longer than a few minutes, it relaxes tense muscles, and it releases endorphins and makes you feel good once you’re done. But we’re looking for some true fitness hacks; those hacks that you have to say to yourself, “heck yeah, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Fitness Hack #1 – Start and end your workout with MEDITATION.

So you’re stressed out from ______(insert stressful scenario here). And you think you can just go gung-ho into your workout without getting your mind right? No sir, no ma’am. As you’re driving home or to the gym from work (or once you're done with your workout at home), take some time and let your relax your mind from those things that are stressing you out. Meditate on your workout. What did you plan to do? Picture yourself in your best form during your workout. Think about how great you’ll feel once you’re done. At the end of your workout, take just 2-3 minutes to stretch and let your mind go blank. This time is very important, so try your best not to skip it. Don’t rush your YOU time. Really become aware of your muscles. Are they sore? Tight? Flat out hurt? Let your body go limp. Your muscles will be on "swole status", and you’re going to have a great night’s rest to regenerate those muscles, thereby, getting stronger. Tell me that’s not easy to incorporate and this isn’t relaxing your mind right now?!

Fitness Hack #2 – Start your workouts off SLOW.

Nothing is more draining to a workout than trying to do EVERY exercise in the book in one workout session. Remember, we’re about EFFECTIVE fitness strategies, and we still have six other days to work with to get in workouts. Whether you’re a newbie to working out, you’ve fallen off the wagon, or you’re coming back from sickness or injury, remember to take things slow. Fitness is a journey. Enjoy the experience until you can dig deeper and increase the intensity. A watched pot never boils. You’ll be on your way to being your best self in no time.

Fitness Hack #3 – Do what YOU love.

Okay, guys. This may be the BEST hack you’ll read. It’s so simple but so overlooked. We spend our time looking for the best leg or arm workout, the best workout for 6-pack abs. But how many times have you started a workout and realized that you flat out aren’t enjoying it? This is where millions of us fall off the wagon or get turned off from working out. And if we’ve never worked out, we get intimidated when we see someone else who is out, and we don’t work because we can’t possibly do the workout that SHE did. If you’re not making your workouts something YOU love to do, you’re not going to do it consistently. So, friend, do you. Do what you like to do to be active so that you’ll stick with it. But make it active. Your body needs this activity from you in order to function at its best.

What special hacks do you use in order to de-stress? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and Hugs,