Be Focused: Finding Your Focus – Five Ways to Do it Now!

Five Way to Focus Your Energy

Five Way to Focus Your Energy

As I sat in Starbucks and wrote this post, I thought to myself, “I’m really doing this. I’m putting myself ALL the way out there.” Now, some of you may have ventured here from my old blog, where I had ZERO idea of how to properly document and manage a blog, and have it truly work out for my audience and me. I thought I knew, but I had no idea.

The moment I decided to be super ultra clear with my brand and decided to continue using a blog as a means to get out the information you all wanted, that’s when things got scary. Things got real. There was NO MORE running away from my passion. No more masking it with one thing when I knew it was something totally different.

So, for one of my very first posts on the new site, and going along with my mantra to Be Focused, Be Fit, Be Fly, I thought I’d share with you five confidence builders that have helped me get more out of my shell and deliver that you can use to gain confidence in your own life.

1. Know that you know that WHAT you know is the ish.

No one can do you, be you, and deliver what you know, like you can. Just imagine me trying to coach a person who wants to know more about coding, when I’m a fitness coach? Ummmm, yeah, I know as much about code as I know about podiatry. But you get my point. I know fitness, wellness, and motivation. I know how to make you look like and feel like the athlete that either you used to be or want to be. I know how to motivate and help you focus on achieving your end goal, and ultimately, you’ll be able to be your best so you can deliver to you clients your best self. So when you are delivering your product, be confident in knowing that the information you’re giving is LEGIT, and the person receiving your information is able to understand it in the terms THEY are able to.

2. Make sure you give valuable and useful information

I know how to get you in shape. I know how to get you on a healthy eating schedule. I know what under and outer garments are most functional for an effective workout. But it doesn’t mean anything if I don’t deliver it in a way that you’re going to understand. I don’t believe in giving you lucky charms and unicorns. So even if it seems like my information may be super simple, I still want you to take heed, and keep in mind that you probably haven’t received it the way I’m delivering it. That’s the way that I want you to think about your brand or business knowledge. You are valuable, and what you have to say matters. Make sure your customer knows that.

3. Be yourself!

I don’t know anyone who is comfortable being someone else. Or even being someone that someone has tried to mold them into being. So, flat out, BE YOU. No one else can do it better. I mean, shoot, I don’t know about you, but I think I’m pretty awesome, and I think that you should think the same about yourself. People like it when you present you, and not your representative. That representative isn’t always going to be there, and the real you is steadily going to creep out, and no one will know who that person is. So, start now, and show the world who you are. Be relaxed, yet confident in knowing that YOU were meant to stand out, and focus on that.

4. Just start, and keep going!

As I go from post to post with you, I’ll be giving you tips and advice on how to be focused in being your best self, and getting your mind ready for the workouts of your life. I will be helping you, motivating you, and coaching the HECK out of you, because I want you to be the best person you can be, so that you can be your best self for others. But I can’t want it more than you. You have to want it so bad that you can’t sleep. You dream about being your most focused, fit, and fly self. But you have to start. Listen…JUST…START…and then KEEP GOING. Once, you start, you’ll be so happy that you did, and I’m going to be there with you when you get to the place you want to be, cheering you on. But trust me, no one got anywhere by just dreaming about where they wanted to go. You have to start, and then start again tomorrow, and then, the next day and the next day, and the next.

5. Be complementary in your style, and then be confident.

Some people may not, but I do believe that as it pertains to clothing, everything is not made for everyone. I do, however, believe that you can absolutely find your personal complementary style and rock it to oblivion. In the fitness world, there is a lot of stretchy material that all comes in different sizes, and I believe that you can find your perfect fit; and it may not come in the spandex variety. Does that seem a bit harsh? Maybe. But I’m confident in saying that from a functional standpoint, when I’m coaching you, I don’t want you pulling and tugging at a piece of clothing or some ill-fitting shoes that aren’t making you uncomfortable. I want you to be fully comfortable, and what you may need may be something a little bit more loose fitting. But it will be fly AND functional. Heck, there’s some stuff that I will not wear, because it wasn’t made for me.

Point is, there is a perfect style out there for workout wear, just like there is for everyday wear. It IS for you. I will help you find it if you need me. There are options for all of us to get our flyness on. You just have to take some time to figure it out. And that is okay. I insist on taking some time to get together your workout gear. It makes you feel better, and more confident, when you look good when you workout. You focus on your workout when you’re not focusing on if your “love handles” are showing. Vain? Maybe. But a small part of you knows that I’m right.

Of course, these tips on getting focused aren’t the end all, be all, but they are great ways to get focused on your progression goal or your end goal. I know if nothing else, you will start to evaluate how and what you spend your time on.

What is it that you find yourself thinking about when it comes to your workout or even your daily life? What could you spend a little more time focusing on to be in your best state of mind? Tell me in the comments below.

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